Few words on myself

I do define myself a theoretical physicist. I started my research experience in the Field Theory (strings, supersymmetric models). Then I moved to Material Science (Atomistic, mesoscopic and Multiscale Modeling and Simulation) and eventually since last eight years I am working on Critical Infrastructure Protection and Coplexity Science. I have been almost always working at ENEA (in different departments) while collaborating with some external institutions (PSI, Univ. Roma Torvergata, INFN, CNR, KSU) and I am currently visitor scientisti at London Institute of Mathematical Science LIMS.

Aimed at combining activities on CIP and complexity, I am devoting a lot of my efforts to Network of Networks (or Systems of Systems) , that is the research aimed at employing methodologies and techniques from the theoretical Physics in the Critical Infrastructure Protection field. In this respect I have co-chaired a series of conferences named "Netonets" (2011-1016) and "Coinets" (2012-2014). Recently I have also presented some results at international conferences (particularly ECCS and Critis) and occasionaly as keynote:

Keynote speaker at Fifth Interop-Vlab.It Workshop 2012

Keynote Speaker at NATO Conference "Complex Systems Physics" 2013

I am also participating to the European Project CI2C aimed to inspect possible applications of Cloud services to Critical Infrastructures and to the Network of excellence CIPRNET