Gordion is Gregorio D'Agostino's little hub

My website is a permanent work in progress. Above please find a summer and a winter snapshot of me.

Recently I have been attributed the role of Knowledge Exchange Officer who is supposed to realize a link between the Enterprises and ENEA for the Innovation. I do regard this activity, named Knowledge Exchange Program , as relevant for my Agency and for Enterprises as well.

Some of my activities are related to projects that have their own webpage.


During last years I have devoted a lot of efforts to apply basic methodologies in Theoretical Physics to different fiels.

I am basically working on two subjects: the Critical Infrastructures and the Dynamics of ideas, habits and concepts.

The Citical infrastructures (CI) are those complex human systems that allow us to sustain our high qualitiy of life in developed countries. In this respect sistemic emergent behaviors do represent a very appealing subject and a potential source of critical events and contingencies. During last decad I have devoted a lot of efforts to combine Complexity and technological knowledge on CI to enhanche performance and security of the system of systems that represents our society.

Thanks to the contribution of several outstanding groups, in collaboration with Antonio Scala, I have edited a book providing a general overview of

"Networks of Networks: The Last Frontier of Complexity"

Apart form general systemic problems that will strongly emerge during the advent of the "smart society", some specific problems such as synchronizability and controllabity con be dealt at mathematical level.

Due to the advent of the smart society (IoT, Domotics, Smart Grids, Smart Cities, Smart Districts etc) cyber security issues are becoming dominant in this field; for this reason n 2016 I accepted I return teaching to give a series of lectures on "Information Security" at University of TorVergata (Roma II).

I am also interested in the analysis of scientific literature and the internal rules of the scientifc community. Aimed at improving the quality of published material and providing a more trasparent inspection of actual contributions to science evolution, I have launched (June 2014) a provocation for a Novel Citation Method.

Recently (June 2015) I have risen a new provocation aimed at introducing a Second Money for Europe

Please follow the appropriate link downstairs if you are interested in a specific activity.

I do define myself a theoretical physicist. I started my research experience in the Field Theory (strings, supersymmetric models). Then I moved to Material Science (Atomistic, mesoscopic and Multiscale Modeling and Simulation) and eventually since last eight years I am working on Critical Infrastructure Protection and Coplexity Science. I have been almost always working at ENEA (in different departments) while collaborating with some external institutions (PSI, Univ. Roma Torvergata, INFN, CNR, KSU) and I am currently visitor scientisti at London Institute of Mathematical Science LIMS.

Aimed at combining activities on CIP and complexity, I am devoting a lot of my efforts to Network of Networks (or Systems of Systems) , that is the research aimed at employing methodologies and techniques from the theoretical Physics in the Critical Infrastructure Protection field. In this respect I have co-chaired a series of conferences named "Netonets" (2011-1016) and "Coinets" (2012-2014). Recently I have also presented some results at international conferences (particularly ECCS and Critis) and occasionaly as keynote:

Keynote speaker at Fifth Interop-Vlab.It Workshop 2012

Keynote Speaker at NATO Conference "Complex Systems Physics" 2013

I am also participating to the European Project CI2C aimed to inspect possible applications of Cloud services to Critical Infrastructures and to the Network of excellence CIPRNET